About Us

Since 2012 Laut Swimwear has been providing high quality swimwear to women worldwide. Founded in the South of Brazil, Laut Swimwear has a mixture of passion for the beach life style, fashion and entrepreneurial spirit. All pieces are manufactured in Brazil, with the majority being hand made.

A few years later, after selling to much of Brazil, we expanded internationally. Establishing ourselves in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

The brand relishes in charm, love of life, and the total exploration of colours and culture. Bringing the Brazilian passion into the world of swimwear, we also focus on comfort and enjoying life. The brand embodies the beach life style inspired by health, freedom and happiness.

We truly hope you enjoy our website.


About Leane do Valle

After establishing Laut Swimwear, Leane has continued to expand the brand throughout Brazil and now to Australia. She enjoys the Northern Beaches lifestyle and designing swimwear that allows women to express their personality while at the beach.