Keeping up with the girls on the road trip

FORGET everything you know about uncomfortable sleeps, canned food and days without showering, this is the most glamorous camping spot in Australia.

Fairy lights, blow up mattresses, Instagram-worthy shoots everywhere ... and more denim cut-offs than a festival.

No, this isn’t Coachella. This a road trip.

Usually, camping — or “glamping” (a luxury, hotel-like spin on camping ... only with showers, port-a-loos and upscale tents with actual pillows) — means roughing it under the stars.

But for some ozzy cool girls it’s possible to look like you’re ready for a photo shoot at any moment,

Sandy, beachy hair, tanned skin and no make-up, sporting perfectly co-ordinated outfits and designer bathers.

Its all about fun! Friends or just even a couple! Exploring the unknown!


“Seasalt water is the best for your skin!!!

A bit of vitamian D soothes the soul and helps the skin recover as long as you’re keeping safe from the sun.”  Always SPF 50+ and a baseball cap or a big Roxy heat.

The girls just want to make sure they are protecting her skin! Saving the face from the sun to do not get many wrinkles when they get older.  Suncream  must be on all the time on summer!

Fruits and litles and littles of water!!!

Then you will have a awesome summer!

Happy holiday season xx